Communications & Education

Qsource offers award-winning solutions, tools and resources designed to assist healthcare organizations with quality improvement.

From magazines and electronic newsletters featuring evidence-based interventions and informing healthcare policy to websites offering educational resources and information, full campaigns with direct mail and point-of-contact messaging, clinical tool kits and data presentations, we can assist you in developing print and electronic/web/video education, communication and marketing pieces. Consistency in messaging, design and comprehension is of the utmost importance.

Our Marketing and Communications Department works with quality improvement and health information technology specialists, clinicians, providers, patients, advocacy organizations and associations, federal and state entities to develop and deliver successful media solutions promoting the effectiveness of and facilitating public health programs and initiatives. Our information systems, programming and analytics staff helps ensure the privacy, security, accuracy and dynamic outputs demanded in healthcare.

Qsource has developed outreach through print media, the web, a speakers bureau, presentations, online events calendar and registration portals, monitoring listservs/publications/journals, reporting results and sharing of best practices through our divisions and subsidiaries. We develop communication plans designed to inform facilities of program function, statistical information, process indicators, and educational training with meeting evaluation results and related performance enhancements adopted. We have researched, modified and/or developed assessment and intervention surveys, tools and resources to assist in improving quality of care and help ensure compliance.

We have a proven ability to create messages that fit the needs and capabilities of an audience and to use the correct vehicle to spur action. Our staff can personalize messages and employ reporting features to detail level of success and outreach. Qsource has successfully used email marketing tactics (eBlasts, eBriefs) for branding messages, tracking the delivery and outcome of those messages and determining how to better communicate with the various stakeholders we serve.

An innovative leader among quality improvement organizations (QIOs), Qsource has developed such award-winning, national education and communication tools as the Save Your Veins campaign, CKD Educational Calendar, Special Day campaign (diabetes, immunization, mammography), and Medicare Source newsletter, which were widely adopted among QIOs and considered part of best practices nationwide.

Collectively, our communications specialists and technical writers have extensive experience in reporting, documentation, message development and mass communications. Qsource materials have been recognized with numerous honors from National Mature Media, Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations societies, including Aster Awards, APEX Awards, Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Vox Awards, and other such acknowledgements.