Merit-based incentive Payment System (MIPS) Data Submission is easy, intuitive and you have access to free assistance. There is no reason to accept a 5 percent decrease in Medicare reimbursement.

Using the Quality Payment Program (QPP) Navigator, simply enter your practice information and fill in the numbers. The QPP Navigator has everything you need to avoid the MIPS pay cuts and is provided at no charge. It is secure, risk-free and provides 24-hour friendly support. Other benefits of the QPP Navigator include:

  • Free MIPS Dashboard
  • Free MIPS submission checklist
  • Select your Measures
  • Select Group or Individual Submissions
  • Get real-time score previews from CMS
  • Estimate special Bonuses and Cost score
  • Data validation
  • 10-year repository for your MIPS documentation
  • $0 to submit Promoting Interoperability and Improvement Activities
  • Optional Services: $75 per eligible clinician to submit Quality measures

Submit 2019 MIPS Data by April 2 at 8 p.m. ET

Don’t delay, contact us today for CMS funded assistance! Call (844) 250-5540 or email