Health Information Technology

Qsource Health IT Consulting can help transform practices to be more efficient and effective.

We help physician practices, hospitals and other healthcare service providers transform their organizations through the use of HIT.

We are vendor neutral and work with both large and small practices and hospitals.

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Maximizing Incentive Opportunities

We work to ensure your organization qualifies for all available incentive opportunities by providing step-by-step personal assistance.

HIPAA Compliance

We provide risk assessment assistance and tools for implementing Privacy and Security in your organization.

Audit Preparation

We assist with attestation review, documentation submission and data validation.


Secure Medical Mail

We coordinate secure email services allowing you to send and receive encrypted medical information.

Post Attestation Review

We assist large entities having newly acquired practices to ensure compliance with Medicare and Medicaid documentation and attestation requirements.

Patient Portal Support

We provide materials and tools to help you plan and launch a patient portal. Included are patient education materials.

Improving Immunization Rates

Pfizer Improving Pneumococcal Immunizations_ 04292015.pptxQsource offers exclusive learning opportunities and on-demand access to Webinars and podcast.

Our latest webinar, “Improving Pneumococcal Immunization Rates”, provides an overview of:

  • the significance of pneumococcal disease,
  • Centers for Disease Control NEW pneumococcal vaccination guidelines,
  • Qsource’s Pfizer-funded pneumococcal vaccine research study, and
  • solicits input on the design of a clinical decision support rule in Federally Qualified Health Centers.

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