Root Cause Analysis

Qsource will help communities by identifying community-specific causes for poor transitions that fall within the following drivers of readmissions:
  • Poor information transfer/communication between providers
  • Decreased patient and family activation
  • A lack of a standard and known process for sharing patients among providers

Our data analysts will run SAS code provided by the Care Transitions National Coordinating Center to supply provider/community specific data for the coalition to use while performing a root cause analysis. SAS code may provide the following analyses (NOTE: We’ll add this info as links once it is available)

  • Proportion of Transitions Table
  • Coalition Readmission Rates
  • Hospital Readmission Rates
  • Post Acute Care Setting Readmission Rates
  • Disease Specific Readmission Rates
  • ED Visit Rates
  • Observation Stay Rates
  • Mortality Rates

Qsource ensures that all patient specific data is protected according to the privacy laws and mandates that govern this data.

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