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The Need to Accelerate Progress

Qsource agrees with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) that healthcare providers must “emphasize the need to accelerate progress” if Tennessee is to achieve higher quality and more equitable health care in the near future. Unfortunately, as an AHRQ report illustrates:

  • Health care quality and access are suboptimal, especially for minority and low-income groups.
  • Quality is improving; access and disparities are not improving.
  • Urgent attention is warranted to ensure improvements in quality and progress on reducing disparities with respect to certain services, geographic areas, and populations, including
    • Cancer screening and management of diabetes
    • States in the central part of the country
    • Residents of inner-city and rural areas
    • Disparities in preventive services and access to care
Disparities within Tennessee

We recently analyzed Medicare claims data for covered preventive services. Qsource found striking differences in rates by race:

  • Pneumococcal Immunization: African-American 30.20% – Caucasian 49.73%
  • Flu Immunization: African-American 31.99% – Caucasian 58.94%
  • Mammography: African-American 42.91% – Caucasian 52.21%
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening: African-American 46.91 – Caucasian 52.99%
Learning and Action Network

Because our analysis illustrated a clear need to create healthier urban communities in Memphis, we are seeking partners in a Learning and Action Network (LAN) to help us reduce disparities and better serve elders and disabled individuals who live in downtown Memphis and the Whitehaven and south Memphis neighborhoods. Contact us to participate.


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