Qsource Board of Directors

The Qsource Board of Directors is comprised of members elected to 3-year terms. Election results are announced at the Board’s annual meeting.

Appointments to the Board can be made by the Directors, only in the event of a midterm vacancy and only to fill the seat until the end of the term.

Directors may serve for up to six years.

Board compensation is set by an independent, authorized body and is $125.00 per committee meeting and $1,250 per full board meeting.

Meet The Qsource Board of Directors


Our affiliate, Qsource-Arkansas, is a separate legal entity governed by its own Board of Directors, but follows the same guidelines/structure and management practices described for Qsource.

A local Board of Directors governs Qsource-Arkansas. Board members are elected by the current Qsource-Arkansas board and reflect Arkansas’ diverse population. Members include healthcare, accounting, and consumers representatives.

The board provides careful strategic oversight of Qsource-Arkansas’ work to improve and transform the quality of healthcare. We are committed to the highest standards for business practices, governance and public accountability. The Qsource-Arkansas Board supports greater transparency in the healthcare system, as well as our own achievements in contributing to measurable improvement in quality healthcare.

Number of members: Not more than 11, not more than four physician directors, and not more than 9 consumer representatives, at least one of who is a Medicare beneficiary.

Length of Appointment: 3-year term

Cap on Service: 2 successive terms

When appointments are made: Directors are elected by the current board members. Election Results are announced at the annual meeting of the organization. Mid-term appointments to the Board can be made only in the event of a mid-term vacancy to fill the seat until the end of the term.

Meet The Qsource-Arkansas Board of Directors