Quality Commitment

Qsource is committed to the highest standards for business practices, governance and public accountability. Our Board provides careful financial and strategic oversight of Qsource’s work to improve and transform the quality of healthcare, and our Corporate Leadership embraces recognized quality guidelines in management processes and systems.

In supporting greater transparency in the healthcare industry, as well as our own achievements contributing to measurable improvement in quality healthcare, Qsource and our Board adhere to the Qsource Code of Business Conduct and the Qsource Quality Policy.

Qsource Quality Management System

ISO LogoQsource’s organizational culture incorporates continual review and improvement of processes. We measure our effectiveness in the achievement of quality objectives that are continuously monitored through our Quality Management System and ISO Program.

Qsource’s Quality Management System first achieved certification to ISO 9001 in July 2005 and is currently certified to ISO 9001:2015 in our Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee offices. This international quality management standard and framework for business-to-business work focuses on meeting customer quality and applicable regulatory requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction and continually improving business performance.

ISO certification guarantees for Qsource’s customers that a quality management system is in place, facilitating better systems processes and improving cost-effective management of the company. The ISO management framework helps identify any system gaps, provides a strong foundation for system improvement and assists in organizational compliance with other accreditation programs.

Continual Improvement

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