Bells for Remembrance

Educational Material (Fact Sheets/Posters/Brochures) • Canned messaging for bulletins • Press Releases • Symbolic items (fans/bells)


Women age 40+


The Centers for Medicare & Medicad (CMS) emphasized the need for women to understand the need to have a yearly breast exam.


Traditional public educational campaigns that relied on broad public dispersal of information continued to yeild the same results year after year. Our research showed the demographic audience with the highest breast cancer risk factors were African-American women, many with low reading comprehension, non-access to care and low income levels. To reach this audience, we developed campaign that relied upon plain language and techniques in educating women and taking the message directly to the heart of their communities — religious establishments.

We worked with religious leadership and community groups to introduce a special event known as Bells for Rememberance that cooincided with special observations such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and during National Breast Cancer Month. Educational representatives from religious establishments and community groups were provided materials, educated on how to use the information and scheduled educational sessions for their congregation and group meetings.

Recognizing that symbolism was an important aspect of the demographic’s involvement, participants were provided with porcelain bells to ring at remembrance events for those who had died from breast cancer and handheld fans that displayed mammography tips along with educational posters, fact sheets and brochures. Bulletin messages, newsletter content and press release were distributed.


Examples of Work

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