Qsource is launching its QsourceKids in school and at home health education curriculum program. Our first curriculum package addresses Covid-19 related topics and consists of six mini video lessons, developed for children kindergarten through third grade. Each lesson provides accompanying tools, activities and materials to help children understand important topics, such as germs and handwashing, wearing masks, how germs spread, and emotional wellness.

Please provide your name and email address and you will receive notifications when each lesson package is available for you to download. All Covid-related educational lessons are FREE to educators, parents and anyone with an interest in helping young children understand coronavirus topics through clinically reviewed, age-appropriate learning.

Thank you for your interest. We’re excited to share our first QsourceKids educational curriculum module with you!

This module consists of 6 bite-size, cartoon video lessons and materials that are appropriate for elementary school learners grades kindergarten through 3rd grades.


QsourceKids Coronavirus Educational Video Lessons and Materials

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Germs and Handwashing

Lesson 1

Superheroes Wear Masks

Lesson 2

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