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Busy Emergency Department (ED) Healthcare Providers


Given the heightened awareness of pain management and the opioid epidemic, Qsource needed to create awareness that treatment of a sickle cell disease (SCD) pain crisis is a time-sensitive condition. Also, busy Emergency Department (ED) healthcare providers needed encouragement to use the current National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute guidelines and have systematic processes in place to treat SCD most effectively.


Instead of just another inconvenient webinar, Qsource decided to take this much-needed education directly to the providers in a compelling way. Patients and quality improvement experts popped up at Memphis-area hospital EDs offering a tasty treat and a view of SCD through patients’ eyes. Project “PopSickleCell” was part of September’s National Sickle Cell Awareness Month. Patients shared revealing personal photographs to help ED clinicians better understand the potential stigma, challenges, and barriers to appropriate care. A popular local gourmet popsicle purveyor provided frozen treats for the activation.


Before the launch, two local TV stations promoted the event and interviewed a patient whose photos were featured on their local morning shows. On the day of the activation, the Qsource team visited three EDs and met with providers face-to-face distributing popsicle treats, sharing patient stories, providing educational PhotoVoice booklets and reviewing clinical guidelines. The much-appreciated event resulted in additional TV news coverage in addition to a story in the local medical news publication. Our “edutainment” proved to be popular and effective. Two more EDs asked to be included and additional activations occurred the following week. In total, Qsource partnered with three health care systems in Memphis (representing 27 hospitals), and two local sickle cell centers. More than 500 popsicle treats were distributed in our two day activations at five EDs. Qsource can work with you to put patients first while creating effective ways to provide education, training and information for providers where, when and how works best for them.

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