Participation in the Quality Payment Program for 2019 saw an increase, up 6.25 percent from the participation level for 2018 (183,306 clinicians). Nationally, 195,564 clinicians participated in QPP during 2019 through the advanced alternative payment model track, qualifying for a five percent bonus payment in 2021.

Results show that 98 percent of eligible clinicians reporting data through the merit-based Incentive Payment System track will receive a positive payment adjust in 2021. Of those, 84 percent will receive an additional adjustment for exceptional performance.

The following snapshot outlines the expected 2021 payment adjustments based on the 2019 results.

Of the total number of eligible providers that participated in the program, 84 percent scored “exceptionally and will receive additional adjustment along with the positive adjustment. To qualify, these providers score between 75 to 100 percent. Of this group, 12 percent had a “positive” adjustment with scores between 30.01 to 74.99 percent. A “neutral” adjustment will be awarded to four percent that reported the minimum requirement of 30 percent in 2019.

The results should be encouraging and a motivating factor in 2021 participation. The minimum requirement for 2020 is 45 points. By simply reporting the minimum, you will avoid a penalty of up to 9 percent.

If you’re unable to report 45 points, report SOMETHING—ANYTHING!

Any data submitted will help you bring that 9 percent penalty amount down. If you’re unsure about submitting data, or even if you’re questioning if you have any data to submit, give us a call, or shoot us an email.

You can call us at 844-205-5540 or email us. We’re here to help!