Quality Improvement

Quality ImprovementFor more than four decades, Qsource has assisted healthcare providers with improving the quality of care and utilization of services they provided to healthcare consumers. Our primary focus has been on Medicare and Medicaid populations, but our quality improvement services are beneficial for all healthcare providers and the communities they serve.

Our quality improvement teams work hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals to assist in improving the quality of care. We offer setting-specific and topic-specific, onsite and virtual coaching, training, tools and resources to help providers/practitioners improve in quality measures and compliance.

Since 1973, Qsource has served Medicare quality improvement, evolving with changing healthcare practitioner needs to include such expert services as program compliance, workflow assessment, quality measures, data abstraction and reporting, health information technology, and practice transformation.

Qsource is Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) for Indiana. We convene, teach and inform healthcare providers, engage and empower patients, and inspire the entire healthcare continuum by sharing knowledge and spreading best practices.

The Qsource ESRD Network Strategies teams similarly conduct quality improvement work, but focus on the end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and kidney disease patients with Medicare in their service areas.

Our EQRO Division validates health plan performance improvement projects, identifies best practices and opportunities for improvement, and evaluates corrective action plans and steps taken to improve the quality of managed care. We also conduct training as needed and through triannual educational meetings to assist health plans and state agencies in providing quality care.

Our affiliate, Qsource-Arkansas, serves as the Trauma QIO for Arkansas, reviewing service quality and promoting optimal outcomes. We conduct collaborative outreach and education, and collect and analyze state performance measure data to provide healthcare data reports to key stakeholders and providers. Qsource specialists coordinate a secure document upload Website for efficiency and expediency.

Qsource can assist hospitals eligible to receive federally-funded assistance through a new Hospital Quality Improvement Contractors (HQIC) program. The effort works with hospitals to improve the care for vulnerable populations such as the elderly, medically underserved, chronically ill and disabled and low-income and/or homeless individuals.

The Culture of Safety Center (CSC) supports and enhances a culture of safety in Tennessee nursing homes by providing education and promoting the adoption of evidence-based interventions that improve the reliability, safety and quality of resident care.

Qsource has maintained 100% contractor satisfaction for our QIO work for the past five years and 100% non-competitive contract renewals and re-procurement for every CMS scope of work during our more than 40-year history. Our CMS Contract Officer Representative has recognized our hard work and dedication to excellence, and commended our efficiencies implemented.

We can help improve the quality of care you provide. Qsource assists Medicare, Medicaid, managed care and commercial providers save time and costs in healthcare delivery. Contact us to see how or find out what we’re doing where you are.