With the data submission deadline around the corner, understanding the mechanics of how to submit your MIPS data and what documentation you need to retain can be challenging, especially given time constraints for solo practitioners and small group practices. This event will focus on the methods by which you can submit your 2018 MIPS data including the QPP portal, your EHR vendor, and registries. In addition, the event will focus on step-by-step processes you can take to submit your data for each performance category. The event will feature a panel of experts familiar with the range of data submission options available to small group practices and individual clinicians. Join this event to dialogue with the panel about any questions or challenges you’re encountering submitting MIPS data or documenting MIPS activities for CMS.

Participants will learn:

  • How to submit MIPS data directly to CMS
  • Methods to submit data for each performance category
  • Strategies for choosing which data to submit to help you earn the highest MIPS score
  • What is an EIDM account?
  • Practical tips for addressing frequent challenges encountered by solo practitioners and small group practices including understanding how to submit data or retain documentation
  • How to access Free technical assistance resources available from CMS or a local Technical Assistance Organization funded by CMS

This event is designed for:

  • MIPS-eligible clinicians from solo and small group practices with 15 or fewer clinicians
  • Practice managers and staff from small group practices tasked with submitting MIPS data
  • Persons supporting small group practices that are preparing for MIPS data submission


Two opportunities will be provided to participate in this webinar. To register for the event, please choose one of the links provided below: