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Our Story

Qsource began as the Shelby County Foundation for Medical Care, founded by Dr. Leon Swatzell as a Professional Standard Review Organization in 1973. However, the real beginning of our story predates that founding with the 1965 Social Security Act—a watershed bill with a provision that required all states to have an independent organization conduct utilization, cost and quality reviews for Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries.  

Through our five decades of existence, we’ve seen the healthcare landscape change, as the paradigm shifted to patient-centered care bolstered by regulatory standard requirements on the federal, state, and local levels. 

A Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) that helps an array of care facilities meet modern day challenges, we are a nonprofit delivering solutions to difficult problems that impede health care quality, supplying practical solutions that work at the bedside to improve quality for providers and patients. In this effort, we monitor the effectiveness of care across many different lanes of the healthcare ecosystem.

You are passionate about the health of your communities and need real solutions to healthcare- and administration-related obstacles that are difficult to overcome. Our goal is to build a relationship with you and your team—listening, learning, collaborating, and growing together for the better of those we serve.

In the years since our founding, we have expanded our Quality Improvement and Assurance services into other states and other federal contracts. For today’s Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities, we offer:

  • Mock Surveys
  • Survey Readiness
  • Immediate Jeopardy Rapid Response
  • Reimbursement Enhancement
  • Competency Based Training and Education
  • Infection Control
  • QAPI Development
  • Star Rating Improvement

We are fully staffed with previous nursing home workers with at least 10 years of experience, along with Directors of Nursing, Minimum Data Set (MDS) coordinators, and state surveyors. We were all once in your position—as such, our mission is to provide resources that we know work, at price points that make sense for nursing homes.

This is critical to our services.

We solve our customers’ Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance needs through constant attention to detail, decades of market experience, and talented team members who are experts in the healthcare sectors that affect our clients.



  • Diversity/Equity/Inclusion
  • Respect for People
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Integrity

Celebrate differences, promote awareness, eliminate inequities, and embrace all.


Demonstrate kindness, compassion, and consideration to everyone in every interaction.

Magnifying Glass

Seek opportunities to excel and deliver service better today than you did yesterday.


Demonstrate high moral standards, be honest, and do what you say you’re going to do.