Our focus in Florida is external quality review (EQR) of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Healthy Kids.

We complete program evaluations and quality improvement efforts, including annual compliance surveys; annual network adequacy reviews; validation of encounter data, performance measures and performance improvement projects (PIPs); and production of a detailed technical report. Through educational resources, and activities such as onsite and online training of health plan staff regarding PIPs and other topics determined in collaboration with Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, we strive to be the expert resource to advance the quality of managed care.

Operating within our External Quality Review Organization (EQRO) division, this contract is supported by local and Nashville, Tenn. EQRO Office staff. Qsource services are available to Medicaid and CHIP managed care health plans, state health agencies, and other stakeholders by contacting John Couzins, EQRO Director.


John Couzins, MPH, CHCA

Lois Heffernan
Senior Clinical Quality Improvement Specialist-Florida

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