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TN CMP Culture of Safety (QI)

A state-based contract under the Civil Monetary Penalties (CMP) program, the CMP Culture of Safety is a Tennessee-based contract that allows us to assist in the implementation of a culture of safety in nursing homes. 

The Qsource Culture of Safety Center (CSC) supports and enhances a culture of safety in nursing homes. It provides education and promotes the adoption of evidence-based interventions that improve the reliability, safety and quality of care residents receive.

We coordinate regional collaborative quality initiatives, working closely each year with at least 20 facilities to complete a Performance Improvement Project (PIP) customized to the specific needs of collaborative members.

Focusing on the most identified opportunities for improvement related to resident safety and quality of life, we offer onsite education for nursing homes needing additional assistance and one-on-one support. 

Benefits of Participating in a Collaborative Culture of Safety:

  • Learn new skills to improve quality of care
  • Troubleshoot challenges with peers in a supportive environment
  • Share Best Practices through collaborative experiences
  • Improve Quality Measure Scores
  • Fulfill Federal Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) requirements
  • Receive hands-on technical assistance and data analysis